Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What will it cost me to utilize your services?
    Absolutely nothing – All fees are paid by the employer.  These fees would have no impact on your potential compensation.
  • How do you ensure confidentiality?
    When working with Bruno Recruiting Group, your resume will not be sent out without your consent.  We present you to only positions that meet your career search priorities.
  • Should my recruiter be local?
    No – A good recruiter who specializes in your industry will be effective in any geographic area.
  • What will be expected of me?
    HONESTY – Be truthful when sharing your background. If you have a challenging area (employment gap, failed background check, etc.) your recruiter can best advise you if s/he has the full picture.
    FOLLOW THROUGH – It is important that you return all messages from us in a prompt manner, preferably within the same day AND provide immediate feedback post-interview.
    DECISIVENESS – Given that we will only submit you for positions that meet your career objectives, should an offer be extended, it is imperative that you make a thoughtful decision within a reasonable timeframe.
    INTEGRITY – When we chose to work with a candidate, we do so because we believe in the candidate and feel that their background matches our client’s requirements. We treat all candidates with the upmost level of courtesy and professionalism and we expect the same in return.  It is our hope that candidates working with us will do so in good faith – because they are truly interested in one of our positions, not because they are hoping for a counter-offer.