Connecting specialty talent & top companies

We have a precise first-hand understanding in the areas of EQUITY COMPENSATION and FINANCE and take a proactive approach to finding candidates.

9 out of 10 job openings are filled by specialist recruiters

Why Bruno Recruiting Group?

Knowledge of the market
Not all recruiters are the same.  Specialized jobs require specialized expertise.  Unlike a generalist recruiter, a specialist recruiter will have their finger on the pulse of the areas that they specialize in.  At the Bruno Recruiting Group, we do just that!  We are well-versed in industry terminology, job requirements and hiring obstacles.  We know the available talent, where and how to reach them.  We are able to read between the lines and make intuitive connections because of our detailed knowledge about focus areas and candidate network.

We can advise on compensation ranges, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities.  For companies struggling to attract talent, we can advise on alternative solutions and help promote your brand.  We are your partner and collaborator throughout your hiring process.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to first-round start-ups.

We offer a number a flexible search options:

  • Contingency
  • Contingent Exclusive
  • Retained
  • Temporary/Contract

Proven Process & Extended Reach
When you are looking to hire, you want top talent, however, top talent is not always looking for a new opportunity.  At the Bruno Recruiting Group, we are not “post and pray” recruiters who rely on job advertisements to attract candidates.  Because of our heavy involvement in our specialty areas, we have extensive networks of both passive candidates and referrals.  We will source and present you with only qualified candidates.  In addition, we will serve as a valuable intermediary throughout the entire hiring process:

  • Thorough vetting of the candidate utilizing both technical and behavioral questions
  • Managing candidate and client expectations
  • Collecting and sharing feedback to both parties
  • Negotiating terms
  • Reference checks
  • We will make every effort to ensure a win-win scenario
  • We will ensure that your organization and job opening are represented in a professional and appropriate manner

Time & Cost Efficiency
There are time and resource constraints to performing a thorough search, so it is often easier for managers to interview from an agency shortlist rather than review every incoming resume.  This will often save companies both time and money and result in higher acceptance rates.